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Title: The formative research of Ecuadorian University Teaching Staff
Authors: Mendoza Velazco, Derling José
Abrigo Córdova, Irma
Romero Chávez, Janela
Keywords: Complex thinking;Educational innovation;Educational theory;Formation of teaching staff;University Education
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Educación
Abstract: University research is the way in which lecturers can perceive, analyze and be illustrated about unknown topics or something that has been omitted and that is why it is important and is the key in the academic researcher´s life, the gathering of information, the analysis and the search for a solution to an existing or detected problem. This research includes three phases: the first, where the search, collection and data analysis is proposed; the second, where models of teacher formation and theorization are included and the third, where the final idea of formation of university researchers and lecturers is proposed. This research was developed from a qualitative perspective, since it is implemented in an epistemic conceptualization that corresponds to its nature, highlighting the interest of deepening the intuition of the object research. As key informants, the participation of 15 (fifteen) lecturers from different universities of Ecuador is highlighted. The constant comparison of theories and grounded theory was applied for the analysis of the subtracted data, in order to make a theoretical approach through the emerging categories and sub￾categories, through the perating software Atlas.ti version 8; with the aim to contribute to the theoretical and methodological basis. The subcategories were derived: professional teaching function and novel teaching profile. The conclusions mention the idea or model of formation for higher education teaching staff. It also mentions the importance of improving the formation of lecturers through scientific research to promote knowledge and strategies that require the need to theorize, produce and increase the level of thinking.

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