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Title: Strategies for Practicing Writing and Speaking
Authors: Recino Pineda, Uvaldo
Keywords: Students
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Educación
Abstract: This strategy will help students tell personal stories about their experience. This is a highly motivating activity for students who are learning a foreign language because they always like to talk about their lives. There is information gap, as the listener does not know what they speaker is going to tell him/her. The students have the option to choose the language register they want to use in their story. It can be formal, colloquial or they can just use standard English. The listener may react to what they are listening to as a manner of feedback. The speaker may also ask for repetition if they do not understand well and they can give their opinion, and agree and disagree with the speaker. These principles of communicative language teaching theoretically support the use of this strategy.
ISBN: 978-9942-783-40-0 Impreso
978-9942-783-41-7 Digital
Appears in Collections:Promoting Engaged Teaching and Developing Active Learning: Effective Strategies

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