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Title: Active Listening Strategies to Boost Language Acquisition
Authors: Sola, Alicia
Keywords: Students
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Educación
Abstract: This strategy develops student’s understanding of content or input through oral language which can be achieved through active practice and participation. Through this strategy, active listening is promoted through Total Physical Response (TPR). Further, this strategy necessitates response to specific oral information from the learners by using hands or body movement to develop active listening skills through an adaptation of the TPR approach. The learners actively participate in the activity and not only listen, but they interact, acquiring the ability to transfer the knowledge gained translated into a semiotic modality.
ISBN: 978-9942-783-40-0 Impreso
978-9942-783-41-7 Digital
Appears in Collections:Promoting Engaged Teaching and Developing Active Learning: Effective Strategies

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