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Title: EFL Reading Strategies for Different Ages, levels and Class sizes in Educational Institutions
Authors: Sevy- Biloon, Julia Raina Fetima
Keywords: Students
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Educación
Description: This is a strategy that can be used throughout different age levels of EFL learners. Students at all levels work in small groups and have various roles to help understand the reading. Depending on the age level of the students, different types of roles are given out. The lesson plan prepared below is for basic learners. The roles of the students are made a little simpler at this level. This strategy can help at basic and independent levels when the roles of the students are more complex since students have a higher level of reading in their L1 language. This strategy works best when students are given various leveled readers to choose from. This means students are given the autonomy and independence to choose which book they would like to read if the book is at the correct level of the student.
ISBN: 9789942783400 Impreso
ISSN: 9789942783417 Digital
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