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Title: Strategies for Effective Grouping Configuration for Small or Large Classes
Authors: Cajamarca Sisalima, Tania Patricia
Keywords: Children
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Educación
Description: Working with different grouping configuration with small children could be challenging for English teachers who should make the most of their time in the classroom. According to the New English Curriculum, students from first to seventh year have three class periods of 40 to 45 minutes each one. Thus, looking for grouping configuration strategies for first and second grades is essential in order to foster students’ interaction in class and giving them the opportunity to receive help from their classmates during the class time.
ISBN: 978-9942-783-40-0 Impreso
ISSN: 978-9942-783-41-7 Digital
Appears in Collections:Promoting Engaged Teaching and Developing Active Learning: Effective Strategies

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