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Título : Cooperative Learning Strategies to foster Students´ Achievement
Autor : Tamayo, Monica
Palabras clave : Cooperative Language
Fecha de publicación : dic-2019
Editorial : Universidad Nacional de Educación
Resumen : Cooperative Language Learning is an approach that encourages collaboration and reduces the isolated effort for competition usually found in a classroom. It provides students the opportunity to construct knowledge as they interact with their classmates. Generally cooperative language learning strategies promote positive interdependence with the notion that one student cannot succeed unless everyone succeeds; enhance equal articipation since all students should contribute equally, with no one being forgotten or opted out; Foster individual accountability in which each member is accountable for a specific portion of the work; and, promote interpersonal skills such as active listening, communication, decision-making and conflict management.
URI : http://repositorio.unae.edu.ec/handle/56000/1322
ISBN : 978-9942-783-40-0 Impreso
ISSN : 978-9942-783-41-7 Digital
Aparece en las colecciones: Promoting Engaged Teaching and Developing Active Learning: Effective Strategies

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