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Title: Filosofía, Educación y Buen Vivir: un abordaje polilógico a la diversidad epistémica
Authors: Collado Ruano, Javier
Keywords: Educación Intercultural Bilingue;Diversidad epistémica;Buen vivir
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The main objective is to research the conditions, limits, and possibilities of designing a transdisciplinary education as a teaching project in the philosophical field of Good Living. This philosophical perspective of intercultural pedagogical praxis implies a polilogical approach to epistemic diversity, in order to rethink education from an ecology of knowledge that integrates and combines scientific knowledge and non-scientific wisdom. Transdisciplinarity is the appropriate methodology for educating in and for diversity, since it organizes knowledge horizontally, without hierarchizing the different epistemes that co-exist in the same space-time. As a result, the work studies the pedagogical principles for a transdisciplinary and polilogical human training, establishing the procedures of a polylogical evaluation to innovate in the educational sciences of Good Living.
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