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Title: Digital Andragogical Competences of Ecuadorian Higher Education Teachers during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Authors: Mendoza Velazco, Derling José
Navarro Cejas, Mercedes
Cejas Martínez, Magda Francisca
Vinueza Naranjo, Paola Gabriela
Vega Falcón, Vladimir
Keywords: Higher education
Teaching competences
Virtual education
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Educación
Abstract: The changes brought about in higher education by the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic require effective action. Teachers must be trained to work on university platforms. The study allows us to analyse the current educational problems, which are found in many countries, not only in Ecuador. The research aimed to determine the virtual andragogical competencies of Ecuadorian university education during the COVID-19 pandemic. A mixed research approach was used. A quantitative analysis was applied first, followed by a qualitative analysis. The sample selection was participatory and non-probabilistic. The sample consisted of 1003 active higher education teachers in Ecuador. A questionnaire of 106 questions divided into four variables was applied. A multiple analysis of variance (MANOVA) was performed. The analyses demonstrated the need to apply four integral competencies. First the teacher must "Know how to be", through continuous ICT training. After the teacher has been trained, he/she must "Know". This process involves mastering educational technology. After updating knowledge, they must "Know how to live together". Develop critical and constructive communication. Then "Know how to do" by applying an effective guiding methodology. Teacher training under the competency-based approach is seen as a viable alternative.
ISSN: 2165-8714
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