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Title: Different Reasons to Play Games in an English Language Class
Authors: Sevy- Biloon, Julia Raina Fetima
Keywords: Educational games;Efl students;Language skills;Learning styles;Intrinsic motivation
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Educación
Abstract: English language students at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion (UNAE) in Ecuador tend to have various learning styles and have a hard time being motivated to not only learn, but also remember the correct form of English language being taught in the classroom. It is mandatory for these students to learn English; therefore many do not have intrinsic reasons for wanting to study English. This study focused on a group of 30 fourth semester beginner EFL university students studying to be elementary school teachers. Through the research conducted, the author investigated how game play in the classroom could intrinsically motivate, promote different learning styles and advance English language learning when students do not have an initial want or understanding of the need to learn the language other than the fact that it is a mandatory subject in their university. Games were used throughout the course to reinforce grammar and vocabulary, promote multiple skill learning while using diverse teaching styles to create an environment, which independently motivated the pupils of the class to not only want to learn, but also to internalize the language. Students were given various questionnaires, an online quiz and assessment materials to assist the teacher in finding the results for the study. Through the findings of the study these tools produced results that demonstrated the importance of games as a strategy to use in a language class, with college age students in UNAE. Games helped students increase their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills and at the same time increased their motivation to want and appreciate learning English. They were a specifically useful strategy with this group, because it also aided in authentic learning and made fundamental English language learning more enjoyable.
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