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Title: The use of the eclectic method in an english language classroom for learning specific skills
Authors: Sevy- Biloon, Julia Raina Fetima
Keywords: Eclectic method;English;Language;Learning;Skills;Needs
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Educaciòn
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the need to base a teachers classroom activities, tasks and skill learning for English language on not just one approach, model or method, but numerous, to create a whole diverse learning environment. The Eclectic Method allows the teacher to better cover the necessary skills, tasks and activities for students to be able to learn, understand and ultimately gain the knowledge quintessential to becoming competent in speaking, reading, writing and listening in English in a large classroom setting in a shorter amount of time. Following this approach allows for the teacher to teach larger groups more information in the allotted time given. The professor of the class can use various methods, technique’s, and activities to relate the necessary information to participates’ while motivating them to learn. The students are taught more to their specific needs and learning styles through the use of the Eclectic Method. It was observed through various skills assessments that utilizing this method, students were able to internalize, use and remember the information given to them quicker. This is because it was adapted to their learning styles and needs throughout the activities completed utilizing specific techniques at the disposal of the teacher.
ISSN: 2502-6909

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